TC and I added 3 new countries from the African continent in April.  From our first trip in 2008 to South Africa, we returned to the continent to visit Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.  This journey was an African Safari hosted by Abercrombie and Kent (the first time we took an organized tour for a long time)

Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe

The trip was mesmerizing.  There is so much Africa can offer.  It opens your eyes to the beauty of mother nature and the drama of the circle of life.

The Okavango Delta, Botswana

Here are our Top 5 tips on how to fully enjoy an African Safari —

  Enjoy the African massage –  a real safari does not have paved roads.  More often than not a guide may even opt to create new terrains when there are no roads.  The ride in the 4×4 vehicles is turbulent, bouncy but if you keep your sense of adventure – FUN (our hosts calls the ride an African massage).  We experienced so much bounce in our Toyota Landcruiser that our Fitbit even congratulated us on our 10,000 steps after an afternoon safari drive.

Your African masseuse – Toyota Landcruiser

Always bear in mind that you are the AUDIENCE not a PARTICIPANT – the savanna has its own rules.  The circle of life will continue with or without your presence.  TC and I watched ask two lioness stalked a lone impala in the middle of the field.  The predators were ready to strike.  It was very tempting to “save” the impala by throwing a stone at her so she would be aware of the danger she was in BUT our guide reminded us that we were mere spectators. 

A python devouring an impala

 Appreciate your Safari guide and let them guide you – An African safari guide trained for four years to become a professional.  Their subject range from astronomy, anatomy, zoology along with gun and marksmanship proficiency.  They are a learned group who is there to take care and teach you.


Pick the resorts that will provide you with comfort while in the bush –  The African terrain is challenging.  The safari rides can be tiresome and your adrenaline can go in maximum overdrive when you get your first sightings of the Big Five (lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard and rhinoceros).  In this adventure, you need a comfortable home away from home to recharge yourself and get ready for the next day.

Tent from the outside
Resort along the Okavango Delta
The canopy is added protection from insects

 Your presence in the Safari contributes in saving the animals from poachers –  Our guide thanked us for visiting Africa.  In Zambia, the population of the rhinoceros has dwindled from 12,000 to 17 due to aggressive poaching.  He said that during the busy tourist season, illegal poachers make themselves scarce.  Your visit to Africa did not only give you an incredible learning experience but also gifted you with a chance to be a savior for the wildlife.

You saved the King..
.. this parade of elephants..
.. the stripey Zebras…


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