A trip to Tokyo would not be complete without having a piping hot, savory ramen.  Nothing says Japanese than ramen.  So, during our annual family vacation, TC and I were excited to try out Ramen Street especially since it has been ranked as one of TripAdvisors must visit place in Tokyo.

Here are our tips on how to survive Tokyo Ramen Street —

1.  Finding Ramen Street inside Tokyo Station – Tokyo Station is a huge labyrinth of shops and restaurants.  It is easy to get lost and assume that the section in Tokyo Station where you find a small cluster ramen shops was indeed The Tokyo Ramen Street  (yes, this is what happened to us on our first day in Tokyo).  The real Ramen Street was on the newer section of Tokyo Station.  It is the section where you enter Yeasu and exit towards Marunuchi.

An important landmark to remember is the huge department store of Daimaru on the Yeasu side of the station.  Once you have found this, just proceed down to its extensive food court.  The food court opens towards Anime Street and then Ramen Street.

It will have long queues of Japanese office workers

2.  Picking your choice of Ramen Shop –  There are a large variety of ramen to choose from in this “street”  (more like a corridor actually).  You can check out the photos on the different interpretation of your favorite ramen.  TC and I also take into account the length of the queue outside each shop.  The longer, the yummier.  After all, the locals have an inside info of these stuff. 

3.  Order making Tokyo Style – You have conquered the queue.  Your tummy is rumbling and you are ready to take your seat and order your ramen.  Wait!  You are not done yet.  It is time to order using this machine…

The pictures are most helpful

Choose from the pictures on the machine.  Push the button.  Put your money in the coin or bill section and Wah.. La… you get a small paper with a number.  This is the paper you give to the food server.

4.  Final Step – After giving your small slip, you have now earned your chance to be guided into the seating area.  The shops are usually compact and very functional.  A few minutes after, the food server will return to your table and place on your table a piping hot bowl of ramen. The smell makes you salivate, you sip into your soup spoon… you are in ramen heaven.  Enjoy!  You have survived and conquered Tokyo Ramen Street.

Happy Sailings Everyone!


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