Our biggest surprise for Iceland was … it was not covered in Ice.  On the contrary, it was one “Hot” destination due to its volcanic nature.  This is a place where the cost of cold water was cheaper than hot water (as hot springs are so abundant).   This is a place where renewal energy generates 99.9% of their power needs and fossil fuel accounts for a mere 0.1%.  This is a place where the Vikings lived.

Yes, this is a place where where hot is cool.

Here is the top 5 Reasons on why you should visit Iceland:

5.  Unbelievable Landscape –  Iceland has one of the most diverse scenery you can ever find.  On our drive along the Golden Circle, the landscape changed from this…

4.  Excellent Cuisine –  Iceland has a wonderful variety of fresh seafood and organic vegetable.  This means the local chefs are creative and the food is imaginative.  Yummy!

3.  The Golden Circle  – this area is a showcase of geysers, waterfalls and historic Viking sites.

Stokkur – erupts every 4-8 minutes
An Ancient Viking Meeting place 
Gullfoss – a truly picturesque falls (yes, rainbows are everywhere)

2. Northern Lights – Yes, an ideal site to view Nature’s fireworks.  An awe inspiring experience-

(sorry no photos as our camera could not accommodate the resolution.. bring your special equipment for this)

1.  The Blue Lagoon – The best Geothermal Spa we have ever experienced.  No wonder it is listed as one of the 25 Wonders of the World. The piping hot lagoon soothes out all the tension in your body.  Furthermore, you can make your own facial using the generous supply of silica mud.

The Lagoon
Trying out the Mud mask
A romantic stop in Iceland

Btw, one tip – Don’t take a cab from the airport to your city center hotel.  It is incredibly expensive.  The bus is very convenient and reasonably priced.

Happy Sailings Everyone!

Next week:  Why the Danes are the Happiest People on Earth


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