TC and I enjoy attending shows overseas.  We feel it allows us to do two things all at once:  travel and learn.  A trade show allows you to get updates on a specific industry while world expos gives you a broader picture of universal issues.

Here is the list of our favorite shows:

1.  World Expo, Shanghai –  This was the first World Expo which TC and I attended.  It was a massive show with over  528 hectares of exhibition space – the biggest in World Expo history.  The show was very educational with its theme Better City – Better Life.  The biggest challenge – super looong lines (it felt like the entire Chinese population of 1.9B was present on the day we were there).

Tip:  We were lucky to have sat beside an organizer of the Expo while in Starbucks.  He must have seen our exasperated face so he gave us  Great tips.

–  visit the Theme Pavilion:  it is the biggest so – accommodate more people – shorter lines.  This gives you the overview of the Theme.

–  go to the National Pavilion:  another huge pavilion which showcased the best of the host country, in this case, China

– prioritize the other country pavilions:  if you were to line up, pick the one which had a lot to offer.  Switzerland had lifts (free rides),  Germany had the electronic echoes.. the more unique the better.

Happily resting in the Theme Pavilion

2.  Food and Hotel Asia, Singapore – this is the show where you have to show up hungry.  Seriously.  FHA showcases TC and my fave-  Food!  You get to taste ice cream, coffee, korubota pork, wagyu beef,  foie gras… endless choices.

Tip:  Go to the show hungry… eat.. get full… walk around … get hungry again.

New food products in new packaging

3.  Auto Show, Paris  – a show which we bumped into while we were in Paris.  This show was purely TC as it  displays all the new models of cars.  Exciting features are the concept cars.  The future of the automobile industry are here in the flesh.

Tip:  avoid the weekends.  We had to contend with all the Parisian on a Saturday afternoon.

Drool worthy automobiles

4.  International Flora Expo, Taipei –  A subset of the World Expo which highlights flowers.  The show gives you a glimpse of all the lovely flora throughout the globe, including education programs.  This is the ultimate trip for gardeners and nature lovers.

Tip: Prioritize the Expo Dome as it give you a glimpse of being in a field of flowers.

Claude Monet would have been happy here.

5.  Shot Show, Las Vegas –  the Super Bowl of Firearms.  Definitely a TC show.  This was the show where you can find all models of guns, knives, armory — everything an outdoor-sy man would want.

Tip:  Do not bring your camera.  A lot of booths are not too keen on picture taking.

Happy Sailing Everyone!


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